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Woodleigh Federation


Welcome to the Woodleigh Federation


In January 2012 the Governing bodies of our three village schools: Cheriton BishopTedburn St Mary and Yeoford decided to work more closely together and form a federation.


A federation is a family of schools with one governing body but with each school retaining and upholding its own distinctive ethos and traditions, OFSTED inspections and performance tables.


The current admissions process remains the same for all three schools with Devon being the admitting authority.


Each school retains a body of representatives to ensure the distinct nature of each school is preserved within the Federation. It was seen as a positive move forwards in a collaborative and mutually supportive way. The Federation is tailored to the needs of our schools and communities to provide the best experience for all children from all three schools.


Across the Federation we seek to stimulate the love of learning in our children through a real and exciting curriculum, so that they want to achieve to the very best of their abilities. Every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their potential, within a setting where they are happy, safe and secure, well cared for and, most importantly, where they are kind and considerate towards each other.


Sue Leyman - Federation Headteacher

The aims of the Woodleigh Federation:  Ethos and Values